Hello, my name is Eleanor Platt, but you can call me Ellie. I always knew graphic design was the life for me. When I was little, I never gave Barbie a second look, but could color for hours-on-end. As years went by, I traded my crayons in for planners, and would cover each page with endless doodles and typography…not that I knew to call it typography at the time.


You will want to work with me because I marry a enthusiasm for design with a steady confidence and consistency for getting the job done right. I always aim for the wow-factor and won’t stop until you’re stunned. I do well under pressure, and am known for taking any initiative that will exceed your expectations – this quality may manifest in anything from directing a photoshoot to teaching myself how to code responsive email templates. Design is a final frontier and I intend to explore every corner of it.

You Can Call Me Ellie


Happy Clients

Ellie is one of best designers I've worked with in years. She has an intuitiveness about her work that makes it so easy to give her project direction, knowing she'll deliver exactly what the client needs. She speaks up when she sees something that can be improved, and always has a number of ideas to make it better. She's a quick learner, and has quickly become an amazing interactive designer with an eye for technical details. Most importantly, Ellie is a joy to work with--the room always seemed lighter when she was around, and her smile was contagious. I miss working with her in person!

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